Sustainable packagin solution colimatic WEBSKIN - Flat cardboard 100% recyclable

Environmentally Friendly Attractive packaging Top shelf -life Easy to open (easy peel) Carboard from reels (NO pre-cut trays) Hygene, sustainability & innovation! Is company’s belief that the search for new technologies that are eco-sustainable is one of the first objectives that a modern company must set itself, because protecting the environment today is everyone's duty. For this reason, Coligroup has developed WEBSKIN, a new sustainable and easy to dispose packaging solution. Consumers are increasingly aware of their active role in the fight to limit the waste of resources and pollution: the environmental impact of a product's packaging influences the choices of an increasing number of buyers. The response to this need is the possibility of creating a recyclable and ecological package without compromising the cost of the product to the final consumer. The WEBSKIN packaging process combines the indisputable economic, productive and hygienic advantages of the packaging process that uses in-line thermoforming of the package (thermoforming machine) with the pleasant appearance of the package made using preformed trays (traysealer) and a very limited use of plastic. The Colimatic WEBSKIN packaging uses a very high-quality cardboard bottom with a plastic percentage of less than 10% and is therefore totally recyclable in the paper; the lid (top) is separable and can follow the recyclability and reuse of plastic circuit, reducing the impact on the environment. This package, with printed and customizable graphics, is made starting from the reel, thus eliminating the storage and management costs of pre-cut sheets. The product is enhanced in a pleasant package that maintains high shelf-life standards and the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the food unaltered. The manufacturer also has the ability to use the entire surface of the tray for graphics, marketing and cooking instructions.

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