FELINO (PR) / Italy
Technology and equipment for meat processing
Slicers for the meat industry
Steam smoking units for meat and sausage cooking and seasoning
Cooking control units
Meat softening appliances
Seasoning cabinets
Sausages filling presses
Ham presses
Speck presses
Sealing machines for sausage, salami
Cooking and sterilizing autoclaves for meat extract and broth production
Automatic systems for loading and unloading of sausages and hams
Meat cutters
Bone-in meat slicers
Boneless meat slicers
Cutters for seasoned hams
Meat mincers
Pasteurizing tunnels using saturated steam
Cooking tanks
Meat pounders
Automatic casing fitter
Automatic net fitter
Clipping machines for sausages
Electric trimmers
Cutter blades
Shearing machines blades
Meat chopping blades
Blades for perforated plate choppers
Stainless steel and plastic containers
Ham cooking containers
Cutlet making machines
Meat dicers
Trotter stapling machines
Rind and fresh skin stapling machines
Ham stapling machines
Cooking machines
Ham desalting machines
Dosing and weighing devices
Hamburger making machines
Cooking and smoking ovens
Frying and baking ovens
Guillotins and mincers for frozen meat
Meat kneading machines
Vacuum sausage mixing machines
Complete systems for sausage processing
Salting systems
Ham and sausage seasoning plants
Automatic net sacking machines
Sausage fillers
Frankfurter and cooked ham fillers
Meat softeners
Blades for slicers
Coppa binding machines
Automatic sausage binding machines
Automatic lines for forming, stuffing and clipping sausages
Meats and fish processing lines and machinery
Electronic rapid tenderezing machines for minced meats
Salt grinders
Automatic vacuum tumblers for sausages salting
Massaging machines for meat
Hams and sausages massaging machines
Mixing and massaging machines
Mixers for salt and spices
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